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Diana Young Professional Corporation

Diana Young Professional Corporation offers a full spectrum of legal services in the areas of real estate, business, corporation, family, will and notary etc.. With more than ten professional staff, the firm has enjoyed tremendous growth in the past several years through its delivery of quality services and efficient management systems.    

How is Diana Young Professional Corporation is different from other law firms?

Diana Young Professional Corporation offers services in English and both major dialects of Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), 90% of its staff can speak all three languages fluently. Diana Young Professional Corporation has two offices located in Toronto and Mississauga to which both provide ample indoor and outdoor free parking.

The main office of Diana Young Professional Corporation in Scarborough opens from 9:00 am to 6:30pm, 2.5 hours longer than most law offices. Its Mississauga branch office opens from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Diana Young Professional Corporation has very competitive service fees, for example, $20-$25 for notarizing documents or witnessing signatures, $50 for strategic consulting to wide range of matters. Though initial consulting is not free, its volume of clients for consulting proves the clients’ satisfaction to their consulting experiences. Although its marketing is not vigorous in available media, the client base for Diana Young Professional Corporation continues to grow through referral and repeat clients, which is a true testament of its quality services.  

楊如意律師事務所是大多倫多地區規模最大的華人律師事務所之一,杨如意律师主要负责地产法,商业法,公司法,家庭法,遗嘱和各种公证翻译事务。 楊如意律師事務所在地產法, 商業法, 公司法, 家庭法, 民事纠纷,遗嘱及各種翻譯公證事務方面, 提供全方位的服務。在十餘名專業職員的努力下, 藉以提供完善而優質的法律服務和有效的辦公室管理, 律師事務所服務口碑相傳, 迅速發展。   楊如意律師事務所和其他律師事務所有何不同? 1. 三種語言服務:楊如意律師事務所90%的職員精通英語, 粵語和國語。 2.兩間辦公室:爲方便服務不同地區的客戶, 楊如意律師事務所分設多倫多士嘉堡辦公室和密西沙加辦公室, 兩處辦公室都附有大量的免費室內室外停車位。 3. 每日服務時間長 :楊如意律師事務所的士嘉堡辦公室的辦公時間是從早上9點到晚上6點半, 比一般的律師事務所多開2.5個小時。其密西沙加辦公室的辦公時間是從早上10點半到晚上6點。 4. 收費合理:楊如意律師事務所的服務費用合理, 例如, $20-$25可以公證文件或見證簽字, 各種咨詢僅收費$50。 雖然咨詢不是免費,但不斷前來咨詢的客戶的數量證明了他們對咨詢結果的滿意。 5. 服務好口碑相傳:盡管楊如意律師事務所並未大量做廣告, 但通過朋友推薦和回頭客而持續增長的客戶數量, 恰恰證明了律師事務所的優秀服務質量。 6.  急客戶所急,隨時有專人提供服務:楊如意律師事務所人員充足,管理有效,能提供客戶所需要的緊急的服務,從不對客戶說:“對不起,我們已無法接受新的客戶”。

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